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Top Free Facebook Mobile Apps for Free Downloads


Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and also one of the most popular sites on the Web.

With Facebook, you can keep in touch with your friends, find people with whom you have lost contact for years and share all kinds of information with them – status updates, links, videos, photos and more. It is precisely this huge amount of personal data collected by Facebook has caused privacy problems over the years to the users. But the privacy on social networks depends only on the amount of information you want to share and how you configure your privacy settings.

Facebook includes many to settings to personalise your profile (personal data, education, work, hobbies, etc.) and configure your privacy, in terms of who can access the information you publish. You can create different groups of users with different sharing privileges so that you can control who sees your data.

Your profile on Facebook includes what is called Wall, where you can share messages, photos, videos and links with your friends. You also have a real-time chat to talk to contacts who are also online, and private messages for more confidential information.

In addition to these basic social characteristics, Facebook also includes pages for popular actors, groups, movies, TV shows, websites, sports, activities and just about anything you can imagine, which you can join as a fan. Another important element on Facebook are the applications: small applications added to your profile that allow you to play online, send postcards, quizzes, exchange gifts and more.

In short, Facebook is the ultimate online social network, with all the features you need to keep in touch with your loved ones. The only thing that should worry you is the time you can lose!

Facebook is the most popular online social network – a place where you can keep in touch with your friends, share links, photos and engage in all kinds of games and activities online.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a Facebook application independent of the main one. It is actually a lite version of the conventional app, designed for phones with slow or connection problems.

A lot of options for a featherweight app
In some countries, network connections are not always fast. It is with these users in mind that Facebook has released this Lite version.

But beware, Facebook Lite may be lighter than its big brother for Android but the app does not quibble about the features . One can like and comment on the posts of friends; publish a status accompanied by a geolocation or photos; send messages to individuals or groups (without messaging); search for friends, publish events and group pages.

Facebook Lite has some shortcomings, it does not include an internal browser (all the links open in the browser), nor does it support audio and video files, which is normal, after all , if one thinks of the limits of slow connections.

As for the design, the appearance looks like the one Facebook for Android showed a few years ago or the old version of Facebook’s mobile web .

The News loads very quick on Facebook Lite, but they do not do it in chronological order. But connected to a Wi-Fi network, the loading of photos and status updates suffers from some slowdowns on a Nexus 5. So, one can imagine that users with older phones with 2G connections will have serious problems at this level, despite the lightness of the app.

The app uses more words than symbols to define Facebook’s usual actions. Words sometimes tend to disappear from the top or side of the screen. This is particularly the case when you visit profiles and messages without images. On the other hand, the buttons at the top of each menu are enlarged and clearly display their message , such as “New Message”. These buttons simplify interactions and make Facebook Lite a very easy-to-use application for novice users.

More work to do
Facebook Lite retains many options from the main Android application. Facebook still has a lot of work to do for this shortened version, but is really powerful and, above all, useful.

Messenger – Text and Video Chat

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone chat app that lets you to chat with your Facebook friends. The app is also expanding to support other third party apps so you can send GIFs and short movies in Messenger.

Chat with free voice and video calls
If you have a lot of Facebook friends, Messenger is the easiest way to keep in touch with them. Chats are normally one-on-one and you can see when your friend has read the message or when they are writing one. You can create group messages and have all your messages in one place.

Messenger also supports sharing photos and videos. You can take a photo or video directly in the app or attach a photo. If texting isn’t enough, you can make free voice or video calls with the app. Both voice and video calls can be made through Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Messenger also gives you the option to share your location by default, which is good if you’re meeting someone. The app also supports stickers and you can purchase more through Facebook’s store. If you think the stickers are boring, you can download compatible apps for Messenger like GIFHY or Bitmoji to add a customised message.

There is also the possibility that games will be added to Messenger in the future.

Messenger on Android supports Chat Heads. Chat Heads are a persistent floating Messenger shortcut to your current conversations. You can move Chat Heads anywhere on your screen and it acts as an overlay on top of any running app. To close a Chat Head, hold the circle and swipe to the bottom of the screen.

Great when you use it, but it’s easily forgotten.
The usefulness of Messenger is based off how much you use it. If you talk to friends mainly through Messenger, the app is great. But if you use alternative messaging apps, Messenger can sit unused on your device.

But when you’re traveling outside the country, Messenger is a great app because you don’t have to worry about expensive charges if you have to dial an international phone number.

Compatible apps for Messenger add more personalization, but does not dramatically change how you use the app. Messenger is first and foremost a chat app and it is great at connecting you to your friends.

However, Messenger will never replace your phone number or dialer even through Facebook is trying with Hello.

If you use Facebook, you need Messenger
Facebook is expanding the usability of Messenger slowly. It now supports voice and video calls and you can install compatible apps to add something extra to your chats.

But at its core, it’s all about chatting with friends. And since messaging isn’t supported in the main Facebook app, you’re forced to use Messenger.

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is an application designed and developed by Facebook, which helps social network users to send messages to their contacts. The interest of this application, as the name suggests, is to significantly reduce the loading time.

Thanks to a “lite” format, since the installation file weighs less than 10 MB, bandwidth requirements are lower. Messenger Lite is particularly suitable for users who do not have a fast network . Therefore, it is primarily intended for users living in an area of insufficient network coverage (developing countries, for example). But it can be used by anyone who wants to improve their browsing speed on their Smartphone.


Facebook has recently introduced its newest addition, Moments, an app that promises to revolutionize the way we share photos with our friends – and you’re going to love it.

Picture this: It’s your birthday party, and you’re too busy playing host to worry about taking photos in order to remember your special night. Luckily, your friends are there to help and between all of them, you’ll probably end up with around 300 + pictures capturing the great fun you all had together. The only problem is, how do you get your hands on all these photos?