[DEV] [FREE] We wanted to view Billboard charts on mobile with great UX. So we created an app for that.

Drake, Imagine Dragons, Cardi B? How many of you like to check whose song is on top this week? Or which band is currently bossing the Rock scene? Well, here's your chance.


We've have created an awesome Android app which shows latest Billboard.com charts  

Introducing Billboard – Top Music Charts  

You can also access charts for different genres such as rock, hip hop, country, edm etc.


Would you like to listen to those top songs as well? Click on any song and watch the YouTube videos directly from the app (With Picture in Picture support so you can checkout other charts or leave the app and don't miss out on latest trending songs)


But most people aren't interested only in latest music trends. Many of us are interested what music taste of people in back in the day was like. Many like to listen to the songs of the era when the genre had songs they like the most. So, click on the floating button, select any date from the calendar and voila! Get Billboard chart for that date and start listening.  

Here's what the Billboard Pop chart looked like the last time PewDiePie was not the most subscribed YouTube channel. What Top 10 songs looked like when Drake's Scorpion was released? (Bonus – On week of April 4, 1964, The Beatles occupied the entire top five)


And one last thing, we know what most people complain about on /r/androidapps and /r/Android to app developers. It's 2019 now. Where is my dark mode? We heard you. You can now enjoy this app with light or dark mode as per your preference


Download the app now to discover more features  

Link to the play store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spians.music.billboard  

Please checkout the app and let us know what you think. Any feedback/suggestions/bugs/critiques are welcome. Thanks!


P.S : This app is in active development. We're working on many features such as showing lyrics for the song, adding more types of charts (Albums, Artists, Year end charts, country specific charts etc) and adding more genres with customizing options. Any community suggestions are welcome

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