Is this legal? Lamenting the purchase of a now-subscription app.

I purchased a Japanese-English dictionary app called aedict3 back in 2015.

It was only a few dollars as I recall, but had a few extension "helper" apps that don't really work independently of the

main app that also cost a few dollars each. I paid for these helper apps too.

The developer has now changed to a subscription model for a minority of the features, which costs a few dollars per month.

One of these extension apps has now had its entire functionality removed. I can pay for that monthly subscription to restore functionality.

In total I've paid probably about $15 including extensions.

The extension that has been crippled is called Aedict3 Kanjipad Extension. I paid let's say USD $2.50 in 2015. (specifically Google play order history tells me it was 264 japanese yen).

I'd have to check to see what other functionality has been removed, but at the very least there is this.

Shouldn't the developer be responsible to keep the old version/functionality of the app intact or update the app to keep track of who has purchased full functionality?

I could understand if I wasn't receiving the latest updates. If there was a way to get exactly the same functionality I had in 2015 maybe this would be sufficient.

What's the legal standing of all of this? Is there some legal point that I can at least demand access to the old apks?

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